Unrealistic Times

Hello everyone,
I’ve recently joined Zwift and I’m so far enjoying it a lot, however there is something that I recently noticed while comparing sectors times on Strava, most of the sectors, in particular climbs, have top performers with absolutely unrealistic times that not even top class pros may achieve, there are climbs at 6-7% average with people going up at almost 40kph average, with HR of 120-130 bpm. Leith Climb in London world is an example, it is a 7% average climb (a little ■■■■■ I would say…) the top guy went up at 33kmh ave with 191 W average… the second guy went up at 32kmh at an ave of 566 W with 120bpm heart rate… both simply impossible. Like these there are many, if not all the KOMs that have unrealistic numbers… and they are obviously the result of some kind of ‘virtual doping’ which I think should not be permitted as a fairness to the majority of the Zwift riders who play fair. Not that the thing is changing my life since I’m an average amateur rider who, even in fair conditions, would never be able to challenge for KOMs, but still I think that the Zwift Team should look into it and forbid people from cheating when it is so obvious.

There’s not much point looking at strava segments on zwift. Don’t waste your time is my advice. Even your own times are so dependent on the draft you are getting from the number of people around you, so you even looking at your times might be a waste of time.

The stupid fast times on strava problem is up to strava or the strava community to flag those results if they are unrealistic. That being said I know a guy who has had top ten positions on strava segments on zwift and he is legit. Most good times would be done in a race with massive draft and lots of adrenaline.

If to u are using the companion app and you see some one flying at 100 km/h along the flat then from memory you can find them in the list of zwifters and flag them.

Hi agree with some of the comments, however you would have to look at the individuals weight and power to see if they are cheating.
I produce about 4.7w/kg for the duration of Alpe Du Zwift and weight 57 kg . I never use heart rate as it fluxuates to much and if you are tired can give false reading, I only use power which never lies either you produce or do not. Alas you will always get cheats on in any sport.

Not to mention some people have super low heart rates, Patrick Tan comes to mind. Hard to believe until you see it streamed on YouTube.