Big laughter

(Andre Hufschmid) #1

This is just a basic post, something for amusement.

Today i decided to go look at times up Zwift Mountain on Strava…and boy i had to laugh. People posting cheater times left and right. Times that are outside of even been considered realistic…hmmm…I wonder why they aren’t at the the Tour de France or why they haven’t won it yet…LOL.

PS: Posting times like that and working with fantasie data is a big wonder to me.

(Jim White (Broken Ribs)) #2

It is interesting…While there are some amazing athletes on Zwift, there are far too many cheaters as well.

(Matt Robinson Westbury Wheelers) #3

What time would you consider cheating?


You do know that there are international level riders on here?

(Jim White (Broken Ribs)) #4

Wow, I had no idea there were international riders on Zwift!  Seriously, I have to question zpower riders on Watopia who are doing the hill in under 1 minute 30 seconds or hitting 18 seconds on the forward sprint.  If you are trained to that point, I believe you should seriously invest in a smart trainer or power meter.

It is odd however, when you assert that there are people who are enhancing their numbers, a whole squad of people jump in to defend them.