Stuck at level 25

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #22

But surely it’s just guesswork. If there was anything official we should see it in game.

(Jim Mattson) #23

Honestly, I’d have been happy just getting new levels as I achieved them, without any digital swag. Now that I’ve been robbed of that for a couple of years, whatever you come up with is going to have to be really spectacular to be “worth the wait.”

(Pitch Blank) #24


Who is talking about businesses partners?
Couldn’t it simply changed by replacing 25 with 1000? :slight_smile:
The feature request is kinda old:

(Vincent W.) #25

Locking this thread as we have a Level 25+ topic here: Add Levels beyond 25

(Vincent W.) #26