Beyond level 25

(D. Owen [KRT] #W4R) #1

Hi Team Zwift,

Being here since beta has been incredible and I’m kicking out more watts now than for a long-time and I can hold my own on a velodrome.  Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy training so much, via Zwift.

Leading up to level 25 it was great - date I say that even riding on Richmond was motivational, as I had the next level in mind.  There was the tantalising thought of the next virtual bike shed addition.  I’ve now been at level 25 for what seems like a fair while.  

What news on up to level 50 please?







(. TomH..) #2

Hi Dave, 

Thanks a lot! I’m glad you like Zwift as much as we do, :slight_smile: and well done, reaching level 25 requires quite a bit of quad strength and a lot of patience. :) 

I’ve got good news for you, while it’s not the highest priority we will be coming out with more levels this summer, so please hang on tight, stay relentless and Ride On!

(Andrew Jarrod) #3

I can understand people riding 10,000 miles on a trainer, in a closed room, with no fan, no water, no food and a 10% incline.  But the following is just too much Dave !

 “dare I say that even riding on Richmond was motivational”


(Charlie Abrahams QT2) #4

Well, we’re now well beyond the Summer and still no additional levels beyond 25.  Have there been any further discussions as to when this is going to happen?  I believe I’ve been on 25 since January of 2015.

(Florian Talos) #5

Please give us more Levels for new motivation :wink:

(W oody TeamODZ) #6

Please Zwift, more Levels!!!

Or new Challenges…

(Ray Ruyack) #7

(Tim Perry) #8

Still looking for levels higher than 25.

(W oody TeamODZ) #9



Summer 2016 is over… when do the promised Levels come to Zwift???


(Luiz Otavio Filho) #10

New levels welcome Zwift partners!!! Any plans?

(John Clarke Z68+) #11

When is level 26 coming , get your fingers out Zwift.

(Gary Ellis) #12

Oh come on, this is getting ridiculous now!

As others have said, having the next level to push towards is a good motivation in the game (much more so that the flying confetti and almost constant rain on the London route!).


Please, please, please sort this out!

(Jay Z | NYC) #13

Summer 2017 will be over. Still no new levels. I would definitely say I have a love / hate relationship with Zwift these days.

Thankfully they turned off the ‘rain all the time’ enhancement.

If Zwift spent half of what they spend on marketing, on development instead, perhaps these updates wouldn’t be over a year past their stated release.


(Charlie Abrahams QT2) #14

Z totally agree w you.  I’ve had my smelly “Level 25” kit on since about January or so of 2016?

SO ridiculous and they can’t answer the question which has to be one of the most popular ones out there or just address it as it’s something people would like.

(Henning Nieboer ZRG (B)) #15

It shouldn’t be much of programming work necessary to add a kit with a different colour and number on the back. Maybe just add 10k and 20k, etc. instead of new “levels”?

(Tim Perry) #16

New levels were promised summer of 2016. I’m convinced Zwift uses a different calendar. 

(Gary Ellis) #17

By the time they bring out new levels (assuming they make good on their promise at some point) I hope they add more than just a few otherwise there will be a lot of people that just jump straight up to whatever the new highest level is.

Unfortunately the fun is in reaching each new level, so even if I suddenly jump up to level 40 it still won’t be the same as getting them one at a time :frowning:

(W oody TeamODZ) #18

Hey Zwift… if programming new Levels is a Problem -> why dont start again on Level 1 after Level 25 (just add more Experience needed for leveling up and add a second number so everybody knows -> Level 1.2   after Level 25; Level 1.3 after Level 25.1)…


(Zee Kryder) #19


I don’t think you get how levels work. level 26 will start with 5000 km. You will have to do 5000km starting the day level 26 is released. the miles you did since you reached level 25 are history. they don’t count one bit toward the next level. (That’s why you don’t have an orange bar at all)

The same is true for a fourth mission. the miles you have done since completing all three (Italy, Cali and Everest) don’t get used toward the next mission. It only starts when zwift announces a fourth mission and you select it.

Hope that helps.

(Zee Kryder) #20


I like Richmond (no stupid spectators in a one-hill only world)

Just let us go both directions.

How long ago did they say reverse and a pretzel course was coming?