Stuck at 4.3 w/kg!

Last night in our TTT, one member of our team had a real interesting bug affect them. They were going along just fine, but then started to get dropped by our team. He tried to catch up, but then just said “You guys go”. Next thing we noticed is that he was pushing 4.3w/kg - so we figured he caught a 2nd wind and was trying to catch back up.

Well, he did catch us and kept going! Eventually, we were able to get in touch with him and he said the system was not responsive and Zwift was just pushing him along at 4.3 w/kg without him pedaling. Ultimately, it does not matter from the competition, since it is the time of your 4th person to finish and also we were 64th in our group - but still, this was quite wild to watch.

Here is the power file for the user from that ride if it is helpful: ZwiftPower - Login

Looks like something crashed\became frozen and then it stuck to that output… I get it now & again with my HR, and I think others have experienced it with their trainers.

On a separate note, what trainer(Kickr? v5?) was your club mate using… Just interested to know with the huge shark teeth profile of that link you posted before the trainer had its fit.

Just chatted him and he does not know what version he has, but he said it is a Wahoo Kicker that he bought 10 years ago shrug

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