Stryd pod dropouts while running

Whenever I run in zwift using my stryd running pod I experience frequent signal dropouts. Occurs around every 3-5 minutes. Usually lasts around 5 seconds and then reconnects and I start back to running. Very frustrating (especially considering the price of the stryd pod). I’m connecting to zwift with the pod via Ant+ dongle on my PC. I have a USB extension cord to get the dongle close to treadmill. My Garmin watch is also connected to zwift via Ant+ (for HR) and never loses connection.

Anyone else in a similar situation?


I get the same when I connect via ant+. I am finding the bluetooth connection to be far more reliable.

Another vote for bluetooth with the Stryd. I just got mine so have only used it a couple times but it’s been fine with no dropouts over bluetooth.