Stryd, ANT+ and Zwift - Intermittent data reporting

I am having an issue with stryd intermittently reporting data to Zwift via ANT+. No issues using bluetooth though my new setup requires ANT+ (PC connection). ANT+ works 100% fine with my Neo 2t. The ANT+ dongle is within a few feet of the stryd pod at all times.

Stryd connects fine, every time, though the data it reports in terms of speed and cadence is very intermittent. It will display correct data for about 10 seconds, then stop reporting (as in mile time -:–) as if it disconnected, then randomly come back every few minutes. It is paired at all times in the pairing screen. On the pairing screen, it will either show 0’s for speed and cadence, correctly show speed for a few seconds or the number will disappear and it will be blank.

I have attempted to unpair the Neo 2t (ANT+ does not do more than one connection) as well as unpair Stryd from everything. I feel the pod may think its connected to another ANT+ device though I can not think of anything. My phone does not have ANT+. Please help