Struggling to control resistance with Zwift and Wahoo Kickr snap trainer

I have something similar after not using my Kicker snap for a few months I can barely reach an average of 150 watts and in erg mode its almost impossible to use it because its breaking very much. I cant imagine that my condition has gone back this much in 3 months doing almost nothing. I put on the latest firmware before I stopped using it. Can I downgrade this firmware to an older one to figure out that will help

I have a related question to Dirk above and Bret on this other post (, where there is a threshold, say ~175W, above which the brake continually lessons, such that I need to pedal progressively faster to hold my desired wattage, and below which the brake progressively engages, making it increasingly difficult to reach the wattage - my cadence drops into the 40’s and I do a standing effort until the interval finally ends.

I now see that issues can be created by ap’s not fully closing, resulting in 2 devices trying to simultaneously control the trainer. 
My question is: does anyone know if that issue is resolved by killing conflicting BT devices?
It’s a weird situation I only face in workout mode.

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I havent used my snap for quite a while cos its no fun this way. And its good to train outside.I am hoping for a good workaround to solve this issue

I am having the same problem as Dirk.  On my last group ride my average wattage was 235.  I took off from the Snap for two weeks, and when I came back last week, I could hardly pedal and I am struggling to get wattage up to 100.  I have been really frustrated and at least glad to hear that it isn’t just me declining.   Help!