Strava upload should confirm success

(Christopher Scott) #1

When uploading to Strava, it would be nice if the UI confirms that it was successful before auto-quitting the game. The first time I did this, I thought the game crashed.

(Brett Wakefield) #2

I Agree!! Mine usually fails to upload during this process as well. I have to salvage the ride from my documents and upload to strava manually

(Claytonio olnago) #3

I linked to Strava after my first ride - nothing loaded, but I’m hoping will be automatic on next ride? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow…


(Mark Ross) #4

+1 for sure.  Today’s ride failed to upload because of a slow internet connection.  There was no indication or notification in Zwift that it failed to upload.  I only found out when I went to Strava to verify that the data was there.  FUBAR.