Strava auto-upload - is this supposed to be working?

(W ish I was Outside) #1

It seemed today as if the exit screen was implying that my ride would be auto-uploaded to strava (they are connected in my account settings), however this did not happen and I had to upload it manually. Not sure whether this is supposed to be happening or not.

(Mark Williams) #2

It is supposed to be working, yes. Assuming your account is connected to Strava just fine, that would be a bug (I’ve seen this work flawlessly since I first connected my account, which was about a week or so back I think).

By the way, I don’t recall seeing any indication on the exit screen that this would happen (I may have missed it) - it just uploads with no indication for me.

(W ish I was Outside) #3

Yes my account says connected. Come to think of it though, I don’t recall it ever asking for my Strava credentials so I’m not sure how it is supposed to do that LOL. Maybe it just SAYS that it’s connected even though it really isn’t.

If you let the bike glide to a stop it now displays a ride summary that disappears if you start riding again or if you click I’m done you get a screen that allows you to ‘discard’ or ‘save + strava’.

(Jürgen Waldick ZRG) #4

I had the same issue, however, it looks like Strava is taking a while to post uploads for some reason. Check the “my activities” to see if it’s showing there. In my case the uploads would show up there immediately, but not on the dashboard…