Strava not uploading from Zwift-can't download

I read previous topics that talked about uploading Zwift fit file to strava. I went to and found my ride but I don’t see a download button. The only download I see on that page is to download the actual Zwift app. If I right click in Mac to download it saves a html and that can’t upload to Strava.

Can somebody help me? I’m new to Strava. Thanks

Mac IOS Cataline Zwift version 10.15.7. 1.0 60640 laptop. Up to date. Strava just downloaded so must be up to date.

Click on the activity and then click on the gear on the top and select Download Fit File.

Thanks Paul. I got that. But now it says there is no application to open the download. What do you use?

You would go to Strava, click on the + on the upper right side, Click Upload Manually, Click File on the left side, Click Choose File, Select the file that you downloaded and then click Save and View.

Ok… got some of the way. I couldn’t download the file but googled and found the fit app. But this is what I see and I don’t know what to do with it.

Ok, I am confused, what are you trying to accomplish?

Are you just trying to get your Zwift activity into Strava?

Thanks so much Paul. Yes that’s what I’m trying to do. However your question caused me to go back to Strava and rethink what I was doing. So I got it! I didn’t need to open the file. I could upload from the downloads folder. So I got it!

I really appreciate your patience. Your confusion was helpful because I realized I was doing something wrong. Yay! Finally can track my rides after 2 years on Zwift.