Strava - Hazardous Segment Flag

While on today’s Tick Tock ride with the Herd, I noticed a Strava segment marked as “Hazardous”, and I’d never seen that, neither in real life, nor in Zwift… So I read about what this kind of segment Strava considers this: stuff like red lights, and other dangerous segments…

But I wonder why a Zwift (Watopia) segment would be flagged as hazardous…
And more importantly, who was JoPlu?

I think anyone can flag a segment on Strava as hazardous, could have been JoPlu who flagged it since he died while riding it… allegedly… :joy::rofl:

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Flagging a Zwift segment is obviously trolling because there’s no other reason to do it, I reckon.

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I might flag the short steep climb in Yorkshire which I broke my kickr on…


Quite often (and this is with both Zwift segements and IRL segments) people on Strava don’t know how to hide segments they don’t like and so just flag them, seemingly unaware that this affects everybody and not just them. You may think that people surely can’t be that unware of the “Hide” feature, but when I’ve asked Strava Support for a segment to be unflagged previously and queried why it was flagged in the first place, they have confirmed to me that this sort of thing does happen a lot.

In this case, I think that the segment was probably flagged because someone thought the name of it was rude - note that all the Zwift NYC segments that talk about Horse S*** Hill were all flagged as being dangerous as well…


Thanks everyone… it makes sense. Now I have to find Horse “S” Hill and go ride it.