Strange result

Hi not sure if I’m posting in the correct area here?
I completed a Norseman ride on 7th Aug and I think my zwift power reading look odd. From hour 3:12. There are 2 flat line power readings which look much higher than my previous stats on that ride. Can this be corrected to reduce inline with my stats from the earlier part of the ride? Thanks.

I had a look at other riders in the event to see if everyone had the some issue but they didnt, just you. Definitely something strange with the reading of your power output for a period but not your other sensors (cadence/hr).

Anyway, no, Zwift wont go back and adjust results in the manner you’d like - probably too hard if not impossible given the data they have is based on what you also see. They can remove events with incorrect data but I’d chalk this one up to “one of those Zwift things” that rarely happens.

I’ll post up a snip of the data so others can see what you are talking about in case others have any thoughts (let me know if you dont wont it broadcast and I’ll take down).

Bit of a bugger to have one of those bigger rides have screwed up data.