Sterzo smart on win10

Hi all

I have been using Sterzo smart for two weeks now. I face repetitive BT disconnections while training in Zwift.

Usually it occurs 30 min after I start riding.

Has someone encountered the same issue ? I like the Sterzo a lot but this is just turning it into a nightmare.

Thanks !

Good morning @Olivier_Marsais

I have not had any dropouts, I also use the Sterzo on Windows 10 with a Avantree Bluetooth dongle.

Have you checked your usb power settings, do your usb go to power saving mode?

Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for the reply

I am using the built-in BT of my Laptop. I have other devices connected while riding : chest heart rate sensor, bike cadence sensor and my Elite Direto XR. No issues with these devices.

Do you think the Sterzo goes in standby after x minutes without steering movement and then disconnect itself to spare some battery energy ?