Sterzo Smart Almost never connects the first time

I have a Sterzo Smart and connect to it using a Windows 10 PC and Bluetooth. When I load Zwift, I turn the handlebar to wake up the Sterzo and get the alternating blue and green flashing lights indicating that it’s waiting to be paired. On the pairing screen I see the Steering icon and it’s “blue”, but rather than the Activated and the current orientation of the Sterzo, it will often say “No Signal.” I have to click on the steering icon, usually multiple times and hit “okay” to have it retry pairing before it gets activated correctly. Anyone else experience this and have a solution. I have a buddy locally who gets the same thing so I’m surprised there is not more news about this issue.


My Sterzo is pretty good at paring, but I’ve noticed that if I move the handlebar from side to side after clicking OK at the pairing screen it goes to “activated” quite faster…
It might be worth giving a try.


There’s a whole forum on the subject of Steering. I don’t generally check it, but it’s probably worth a look there too.

Thanks, I checked. Nothing there that I could see about the issue.

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Could it not be connected with this?

No, for one, that post was a Mac user, not windows and his issue is that it never connects because he doesn’t have BLE on his Mac. I can connect using BLE on my PC, but it’s just inconsistent.

The original post, yes. Did you read through the thread though? Lots of Windows users too with problems, and have a look at the reply from Zwift’s Shooj at Spotty Sterzo Bluetooth connection

Hi Steve, I missed the post from Zwift saying they are working on the pairing issues. That may include what I am experiencing.

I am having the same or at least a similar issue. My Sterzo had been connecting and working flawlessly. But after the database update and getting the latest update on Apple TV I cannot get it to connect.
I am connecting via the companion app.
I can see it initially and it attempts to connect but it goes to ‘activating’ and the after a few it goes to ‘no signal’. Then it is no longer available in the ‘searching’ screen.


I’m having the same problem - connects via the companion app, says activating then goes to no signal. Was working fine last week, first had the problem on Saturday 24th Oct and hasn’t worked on the couple of uses since.
Was there an update over the weekend because it seems something has broken the communication link with the Sterzo?

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Hi Paul.

I’m having the same issue. Connects, but keeps saying no signal.
I’ve spent too much time to try and get it working, but just won’t

I, however always assumed that sterzo could only be paired through BLE on pc. Works fine through pc, however I was having intermittent ant dropouts.
I experience no ant dropouts when pm is connected to Zwift through companion app.

Update the Zwift app and Zwift Companion App and the issue should be resolved. The update was released a few hours ago.


The ZCA can only bridge Bluetooth though.

Yes! Sterzo and all other gear is connecting again.

Updated the iphone app and it’s all connecting again as previous. Must make mental note to keep the phone app updated.

Yes, working perfectly now.

Pairing the trainer (speed, cadans and power), HRM and the Sterzo Smart is going well now.
Yesterday during a Zwift session the BT connection dropped after 90 mins. Today after 70 mins. Re-pairing the trainer and HRM goes well. The connection with the Sterzo Smart however will not reconnect. I was able to finish both workouts and results are available in Strava.
I never had issues with the placement of my fan.

I’m running Zwift on Apple TV 4k, and I’m using the Zwift Companion app (v3.19.1 (1072)) server version 1.213.0 and iPhone 7

I’m having the same issues - iPhone running latest Ios 14.1, Zwift Companion latest versions, Apple T.V. the latest version etc.

Similar issues with Apple TV vs. Companion App

Says ‘activating’ then… no signal but the logo turns blue - I’ve got it to intermittently connect sometimes by both methods, but still super spotty.

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same problems here. not funny :frowning:

Mitch, were you ableto resolve your issues pairing with the ATV and the ZC app?