Sterzo Smart with Computrainer?

Does anyone know if you can pair the Sterzo Smart when using a Computrainer? I was led to believe you could even though the Computrainer is hard wired / plugged into the computer. I’ve been trying to no avail. When trying to pair using the Zwift built in Bluetooth (I bought a dongle) I get the Bluetooth icon in the upper left emanating circles but with a yellow exclamation point. I know the computer see’s the Stervo if I try to pair it directly to the computer but my understanding is you don’t want to do that. So there is something else going on. I believe you can pair the Stervo to Zwift using the Companion app (I have an iPhone) but I suspect I’d run into the same problem? I sure hope I can use the Sterzo Smart, I was happy to find one.

It should work.

It is strange that the bluetooth dongle show a yellow exclamation point. It it a newer dongle?

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Thanks, good to hear that it should work, that’s a relief. It’s a new Asus 4.0 dongle I just bought off Amazon, received it a couple days ago. Installed fine and as mentioned if I do the “add device” in the Computer Bluetooth window it sees it fine. It just doesn’t seem to see it in the Zwift pairing window. When I’m in the Zwift pairing window and wiggle the Sterzo that’s when the “steering” parring option window should show up on the lower left correct? I don’t have to do anything else other than make sure I have “internal Bluetooth” selected not the companion app? I haven’t seen that steering window pop up yet to click on to initiate the search for the Sterzo. And just to confirm, I do not pair the Sterzo directly to the computer correct? Thanks!!

Sound like you do the correct things.

I would try a different USB port. There should not have a yellow explanation on the blue tooth in Zwift.

Yes the sterzo should wake up once you move your handle bars. You can click on the steering Icon and select search.

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Great, thanks, I will try that, switching USB ports. What I was asking is if that “Steering” icon on thte lower left that you click on to initiate the search only shows up after you wiggle the Sterzo? Sounds like it. Thanks again.

Once Zwift know you have a sterzo it will show that icon even if it didn’t move.

The ! triangle can also just mean that Bluetooth is disabled in the OS, so review your settings (Control Panel or System Preferences or whatever).

Still struggling. Bluetooth is definitely enabled, as mentioned I could pair it directly to my computer as my computer sees the Sterzo but my understanding is you aren’t supposed to do that correct? I just end up in the Zwift pairing window with the Bluetooth icon emitting circles which I gather means the Companion app is paired but with the yellow exclamation point. I emailed Zwift tech support asking for a little guidance but never heard back.