Sterzo Smart Almost never connects the first time

Sterzo - Companion - FIXED (hopefully) :crossed_fingers:

I contacted Elite and they supplied a new firmware (four files) to the Sterzo steering unit. After upgrade it seems to work! At least so far, a couple of days, so let’s keep the fingers crossed.
The Sterzo is updated by a separate app (iPhone or Android). The firmware needed to be manually added to the app (via iTunes). Only running the app responds that the unit is up to date.

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Could you please provide additional info about these files and how, and where, to load them. I am ready to send my Sterzo Smart Steerer back to Zwift for an exchange (I bought it directly from Zwift). Thank you.


Please provide me with your email address so I can send the files.

Please send to me too
Email removed

I have no steering icon on my swift app on android tablet. Swift support useless. Help!!!

Do you mean that when you first try to pair in Zwift, you don’t see the steering pairing icon (circled red)?

Or that you don’t see the steering icon it in the righthand column when you are riding? Either way, we need more information before being able to try to assist you usefully (the rest of your set-up, the version of Zwift running on your device, etc., whether you have updated the firmware on your Elite Sterzo Smart using the Upgrado app, etc.)

I see no steering icon when first trying to pair - my screen is just like yours BUT without the steering icon

I have updated Sterzo to latest firmware and Zwift app to latest version - no idea what version it is how would i find out?
Using Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.
Sterzo shows up as a bluetooth device in list of devices on tab s6. I haven’t paired it with anything.

That’s a head-scratcher, then.
Regarding the Zwift app, you should see the version number on the very first login screen (pre-pairing), at the bottom righthand corner. Latest is 1.22.4: What are the latest Zwift Game and Zwift Companion app version numbers?. But if you’ve updated recently you should have that already.
It might be worth creating a new thread about this in the Android section and asking for others using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 if they have the same experience.
Sorry not to be able to help more, myself.

Same issue with my android mobile so i don’t think its the device specifically.

does the steering icon only show if a steering device is detected?

Not as far as I know. I get the same orange steering box on the pairing screen on my iPhone, despite my Sterzo being powered off (kill-switch installed, so effectively batteries removed).
I don’t have an android mobile, so can’t say.

dumb question… but you are turning on the Sterzo first by giving your handlebars a few turns, and there’s a blinking light on the Sterzo?

yes I am every time

Just for troubleshooting purposes, do you have any PC or Mac devices with Bluetooth capability that you could load Zwift on, to see if you’re able to get the steering paired with your Sterzo Smart?

Is anyone else out there using Zwift on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and able to get the steering icon to appear?

yes its there on my pc zwift app! thats v 1.22.4 same as android version I have.

It just doesnt work on any of android devices


I know you’ve stated that it’s not device specific, but if you put Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 in the thread title line along with steering, you should hopefully attract someone in the Forums using the same equipment as you who can help you. Probably also worth listing the OS version of your tablet.

If you’re able to include links in your posts – not all new users can on the first day – it’s probably a good idea to point to this thread to show you’ve gone through lots of troubleshooting discussion already.

I’m giving up, I’ve had no answers and little support. I’m returning it for a refund.

I have given up on Android, put Zeift on PC, used a 3rd monitor and a stand and that works fine w Sterzo

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