Just got the Sterzo from Zwift but can't get it to connect

I’ve been trying to get Zwift to see it for an hour and had no luck. Tried both bluetooth on Win10 and my phone. Neither of them see the device to try and pair it. I also tried telling Zwift to use the Companion app for bluetooth connections, but the app has no idea about the device either. When I click the bluetooth icon on the Game screen of the app it tells me there are no devices and to connect it on the pairing screen in-game. So I have no idea. It’s working and a blue light on the device tells me it’s powered on. I did update the fw to version 21 through the Elite app soon as I took it out of the box.

The game and all apps are up to date and I’m on the same wifi network. It kinda sucks none of these devices don’t have the option to connect to a pc directly.

Update: It’s now working. Just after I made this post it appeared in the game. The only thing I can think of is while I was looking in to the problem online the Sterzo had the chance to completely power down from inactivity. Then when I just tried to connect, it woke up and connected properly.

Bluetooth devices disappear from the air once paired to something. Chances are it’s still paired to the Elite app. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to pair it directly to the game in Windows. Don’t pair it to Windows itself (i.e. outside the game) though. Turn everything off for 10mins, and disable Bluetooth and force close the Companion app on your phone, and Elite app if it’s still active. Then turn on only the Sterzo and your PC, see if it shows up. You’ll probably need to change the pairing menu setting back to built-in Bluetooth.

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Thanks. Just saw your post after I made my update. You’re probably right about it being still connected to the Elite app. It started working after I had let it sit inactive for quite a while because I was searching here and other places online for some fixes.

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Hi @mike.g

Great news to hear that you got this sorted!

As Dave surmised, I’d also wager it had to do with another app (e.g., Elite app) possibly stealing the Sterzo BLE connection from Zwift.

In my experience, Bluetooth in general can be a bit fickle at times and doesn’t do well with pairing to multiple different apps and/or devices simultaneously.

Anyhow, I’m happy to hear that the Sterzo is paired to Zwift for you now.

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