Steerzo Repack Ridge Issues

Hi team,

A heads up on repack with steerzo;

-suffered major toe overlap as steering requires acute angles on corners (i dont even turn that far on my mtbs!), But still managed fastest time :+1:

-on exit of repack, other rider names disappeared and black boxes appeared above riders names

-on save Zwift crashed with not responding, game became very jerky behind save dialog

Pc is high spec gaming machine running 4k, usually no issues.

Would be great if we could reduce steering sensitivity here.


Sterzo is not sensitive enough on repack - have to over steer which is totally unrealistic - with companion app steering we could adjust sensitivity to a more realistic level. I think this is what Clive is saying in previous post.

Also, the camera view has changed to being more above the rider - this was perfect before in the companion app steering era.The way that the camera view used to change with the undulations and the lower camera position were aspects that you guys nailed first time! No changes were needed!

The huge improvement is that there is no drift which was the main problem with companion app steering (The only problem actually).

Fix the sensitivity and bring back the old camera view and this will be awesome.:+1:

And when you have done that, we will need more trails to ride on! :wink:

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