Steering out of draft

In the final sprint of Flat is Fast #3, the game repeatedly steered me out of the bunch and into the wind. I think this is new with this release. When I steered left to get back in the draft, the game pretty quickly threw me back to the right.
Running the Apple Silicon version with the Zwift Play controllers.

Perhaps related to this longstanding problem…

Maybe. But I’m getting thrown right only in a very specific circumstance.

Probably some oddity on that route. Which route was it?

Volcano Flat in Fast is Flat #3.

Happened again in Yorkshire at the. end of tiny race 2 this weekend.
And Douce France for the Flat is fast #4.

This is still happening. Today in Lap it Up #4, I was to the right of riders ahead of me in the final sprint. I was pulling as hard as I could to steer left, but I couldn’t get into the draft.