Steering in all events?

There’s no reason why steering shouldn’t work for you.

We have literally just enabled it on events, nothing else. I think you would be better looking at your own set up rather than making derogatory remarks.


Isn’t it enabled to be able to select turns onto different routes (when free riding)? I tried it once on a RP ride (that would have had me knowingly leaving the RP behind) but couldn’t get it to work. But maybe these aren’t technically ‘free rides’?

RP rides are definitely free rides. I don’t know enough about steering to know if steering should move you onto a different route at intersections.

I can confirm that when the intersection choices come up on screen and the Sterzo Smart is connected, the zwifter can change the selection by turning the bars fully in that direction and holding for a certain amount of time. It needs to be quite long, which is probably a good thing: it avoids leaving a route unintentionally and thus losing the chance to get a route badge. I rarely use this, as it’s much faster to make the selection in Companion.