Steering How-to interfers with Pace Partner Pacing, cluster of bugs

Bug 1 - When starting a new pace partner ride with steering enabled, the initial steering “how-to” pop-up that appears interferes with pacing with the partner by stopping the rider thus not allowing you to begin pacing until the pop-up is dismissed (normal functionality). But in this case by then the group is out of range and you have to play catch-up. Super annoying.

So … I trash the ride and restart the app to attempt the same pace partner ride. Same outcome.

Bug 2 - On attempt 3 the app puts me into a private world where there are no riders. I do get the occasional rider chat though. The ride does save to Zwift and submits to Strava successfully.

Bug 3 - On attempt 3 (even though I selected the pace partner) the ride does not follow the pace partner course. i.e. it put me in the desert but I have to choose the path.

Note - The pace partner selection for all attempts was within the timeframe; i.e. the selection was still orange. So it should have put me with the pace partner, on the course and with the group.

I use this - to quickly hit OK and be ugh, Ok.

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