GPS and pace partners

There is a gps bug with pace partners which did not happed before

Sorry, I’m not following what the issue is. Are you taking a different turn from the pace partner?

I’m guessing maybe the initial teleportation to the pace partner is that straight line. Not sure if it happened before.

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It happens when I click on the pace partners in the homescreen.

It’s happened to me for the first time this week too, so it may well be a new bug. However I suspect it may also be the first time I’ve ended one PP ride and then started another, from the home screen, without exiting/reopening the app first. It’s possibly trying to teleport you from your last known PP location or something…?

I don’t think it is the last known location because it is always from downtown, and I have used PPs for all my warm ups for races for a while and this has only started happening in the last few days. I have also had the new homescreen since Feb.