Stay on route, Companion app

After doing a group ride I sometimes want to stay on the route to complete a course badge. I am running Zwift on a MacBook pro that is located next to my TV so it can’t be reached. I use the iOS Companion app to control Zwift. The current behavior of Zwift is to stay on route after 30 seconds rather than leave the current route. I would prefer to proactively choose to stay on the route rather than watch the countdown. How do I choose stay on route with the Companion app? Thanks!

When it asks if you want to leave at the end of an event, that’s referring to the world, not the route. So if you teleported to that world for the event, you have 30secs to choose to teleport back. However I don’t think carrying on after an event can get you a route badge anyway, you’d have to log out and back in again and select it etc.

You can’t proactively choose (and avoid the pop up asking to select a direction at each intersection).

Thanks Dave for that clarification about being transported back to the world one came from. That makes sense. I know for a fact that you can stay after a group ride and complete a route badge because I have done it several times. What is new for me is using the MacBook instead of an Apple TV. With the ATV I had the remote (terrible as it is) right in front of me. After my second group ride and attempt at gathering a route badge I trust that the countdown will leave me on the route I am on and not transport me back were I was spawned.