Stay on course when in Epic KOM

Just riding the epic KOM and pushing hard for good time ,when route selection popped up at bottom of screen, as I don’t have the computer near me when I cycle I couldn’t select to stay on the epic KOM route, so automatically turned off the KOM route with a few hundred metres to go and no time set. The default route when just cycling should be to finish any KOM or sprints etc. If the rider wants to deviate that should be the route that needs to be selected not default. Hope that makes sense.

I noticed this the other night. Made it up the Epic KOM for the first time (not an easy feat with a standard crank and an 11-23 cassette and noticed the turn up to the antenna was highlighted by default. Luckily I was not going for time so I had plenty of time to hit the arrow button but thought to myself how much it would suck if you were trying to PR or get a good time.  

Same thing happened to me just now. First time on the route so I didn’t know which way to go to continue the climb, so I just left it alone. Turned off the course automatically and lost my attempt.

I had the same experience with the Epic KOM… was none too pleased when my default course turned within close proximity to the finish.

Perhaps KOM/sprint/course times “in progress” should be completed with the default turns.  Let the riders deviate if they want.

Alternatively, don’t serve up a course timer or KOM/sprint scoreboard and timer unless the selected course will allow completion of that course/KOM/sprint time.

I too, would love it if the default setting was to finish the course you are currently trying to set a time on. Please let the rider choose to deviate from the course instead of forcing them off.

just seen a woman 59yrs old going all the way to the tower at 6.5kg/w to finish the epic kom…obviously people are putting they weigh to nothing to cheat their way to a jersey