KOM segments

You have a great product but think the KOM segments need work. It is very frustrating when you are chasing a KOM but don’t know the exact route. I would like to “commit” to a KOM attempt. For example, if you’re on track for the Epic KOM, please don’t automate a turn 0.1 miles from the finish.

Here are some ways how to make it better.

  1. Put the start and stop locations of segments on the Zwift Mobile Link

  2. Allow riders to commit to a segment, which makes them automatically follow the necessary route for that challenge.

  3. Show percentage complete somewhere on the screen.

Thanks. I love chasing KOMs but have one too many times been thrown off from finishing a challenge with KOM because of the automated route issue. I don’t want to google KOM routes while going all out. Very frustrating.

it is just the reverse epic that will turn up to the tower, but only if you choose a course that way. If you see a great time, push the arrow to stay straight instead of right turn.

I submitted the same email Victoria!!!