Status when selecting a Route


I’m not to sure if this was a feature of Zwift or was I imagining it. I was under the impression that when one selected a Route in Zwift a status bar appeared (just below the Level bar) to indicate how many Km are left in the route.

Hope you can help.

Thanks Eric. I would really like this for a solo activity.

Could work if you were able to enter how many laps etc. you were targeting.

No it is not your imagination.

But it is not on all routes only one in each world.

now you are going to ask witch routes.
All those with an orange jersey.

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Ok you got me , not a progress bar but a timer.

Thanks for all your input Eric.

I recon it would be a great feature to a have a RSB(Route Status Bar) when you select ANY route in any world. It gives one the incentive to complete the route as well as a immediate notification of the Km completed/remaining and vertical ascent metres climbed.

Yeah… I think is should be added added to Zwift. Maybe the option to toggle it on or off,

There is actually a feature request for that, I will have a look and send you the link so you can vote for it.