Is there way?

Still rather new to Zwift, so I assume there are a bucnh of stuff I have yet to learn and figure out.
But I can’t seem to find out how to see which route I’m currently on! Is this not possible?

I would like to, as sometimes when I’m doing a workout, I’m thinking I might as well go x amount of km’s more just to get that route badge. It would a bit unfortunate to end a long ride two km’s before that route completion- line.


// Matt

Hi @Matt_Sammekull, there is a progress bar at the top of the screen for the route you are on.

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Hi @Mike_Rowe1
I am not sure if it is there when doing a workout?

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Good question, I’m not sure either?

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Well, that’s only for Free rides, right? In workout mode (which is what I stick to 99% of the time), I haven’t noticed that progress bar.

Thanks for the input!
// Matt

It’s kind of a bummer.

There’s a lot of space taken up by all the extra widgets in a workout already and I think a) it would be too cluttered and b) in a workout you’ve got other things to concentrate on than the route

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Well if it isnt on screen the next best thing is to study the route on or pull it up on your phone when riding to see if you are close to the end.

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It is not there when you are doing a workout. 100% certain.


You can only get the route badge if you selected the route before starting the workout. So you don’t need to do research, when you select the route just remember the distance and add 2km for incase.

I prefer to use Routes to lookup routes.


Yes all covered before minute 3 of the video. All things being well progress bar appears once workout is finished provided you started the route before entering workout and are still on the same route. That is my take in what was said.

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Hey @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ !
So it seems (I did a check just now).

I do consciously select my route before every workout, but due to me being completely senile or possibly just very daft, I seem to forget which route that is after a while, and as the workout ends I have no idea of where I am, nor how long I have to ride to collect that prestigious badge.

It’s not a major problem, I know, and I could just make a note of which route I chose before I jump on the workout. But I wanted to raise the question if it was possible to see during a wo.

Again, thanks for being so helpful!



Yeah, @ishay, you might be right.
On that topic, I wish I could hide the Riders nearby panel on the right during workouts I really have no interest in that other then when I’m in a race, and pressing the H-key does nothing.

// Matt

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I tried to find the which-route-am-I-on- info on the companion app, but couldn’t find it on there as well.

If I make a note of it before starting, your solution is the best one.

It doesn’t tell you the route on Companion. But what Mike was getting at was looking at the Map to show where you are, zooming out if necessary, and comparing that with the route as shown somewhere like Complete Master List of All Zwift Course Routes | Zwift Insider

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Thanks, @Steve_Hammatt!
That seems to be the best way to do it.

Im not at my cave now, so i cant check; - is the route start/finsh always marked in the in-game maps?

No, unfortunately not. But by comparing to the route maps from 3rd party websites (like ZI) it’s usually pretty easy to spot. And even though the maps and routes can seem very confusing at first (like moving to a new city in RL and having no Google Maps), you will gradually start learning your way around and recognising certain areas on the maps very easily.

Just leave the workout when you reach cooldown (workout mode does not add that much value there anyway) and you should be able to see the route progress bar and continue the ride accordingly. (Agree that the route progress bar is just unnecessary visual clutter in workout mode.)


@Anna_Ronkainen ,
Really? I have to check that out.

But… then I won’t get that ever so valuable yellow star for the cool down! :slightly_smiling_face: