Startpage for Zwift with Settings and Garage

Maybe I am the only one, that would like to have that feature but i think it would be great if Zwift would have a Startpage, where you can change your Settings, see your Badges, change the Bike and Jersey all before the ride started. A page where you can get redirected after you finished a ride without just crashing Zwift.

When i start up Zwift on my PC it is very logical that i first choose and log in to my account, but after that Zwift already wants to connect my Devices even tho i first want to adjust my Monitor settings and plan my ride. Check out the Training programs, or choose a map, see which badges i need and so on.
Finally I want to connect my Device when i click “Ride”. Then Zwift should check if there is already a Device connetec if not open the “Connect” menu automatically but there should also be the Option to Connect from the Startpage, so if you want to connect Devices first you can do that too.
The Page where you choose the Map could easily be used for the Startpage, to show you my idea i made a little Copy-Paste to show it visually, so you understand what i mean:

or something like this:

This is just to show you what kind of Information i think would be useful on the startpage and how it could be implemented very easily so people don’t get shocked by the big changes.

If you like the idea please help this thread to get a vote and let me know what you think.

This could also help: List of achieved badges should be available in the companion app or My Zwift


Yes thanks i voted that topic up. But i think a simple Startpage in Zwift could solve even more things like the issue, that you have to end zwift and restart just to start a new ride.
Or things like this:

The Companian App is great but i think there might be some people out there using zwift on the android Device, so they can’t run Companion App or maybe even some people using Mobile Hotspot for the WLAN, so the Companion App won’t work since the Phone is not in the same Wifi atleast thats what happens to me, a bug that could easily be fixed but it isn’t. And even some more scenarios i see where the companion app is not a perfect solution. Cheers Paul and thanks for your answer and link! Have a nice easter and a good week!


Totally agree. Don’t want to start before knowing what route badge I want!


I totally want this. Don’t mind if it’s from the Companion App or the startscreen. I find it so annoying having to start a ride just to change a bike or jersey.


I totaly agree with Mariecke.


Great initiative!


Yes, I agree with this and i think the poster had some great ideas for what that might look like.


I agree this is pretty inconvenient and not very logic as it is today


You are spot on Nicola. Great idea and very much needed