Starting Zwift Automatically Using Task Scheduler


I have a mad fantasy of kicking off with the new year by getting up before work and doing an hour or so of zwift.  I can get on zwift fine but it takes a good 5-10 minutes of waiting for the program to kick in, and if that’s time that could be spent in jammies. 

I’ve worked out how to start the zwift program for a certain time of day by using Task Scheduler and programming that to start zwift but I still need to hit the ‘ride’ button.  Since I’m automatically logged on - my login details and passwords are saved automatically, is there a command I could use to bypass this since this usually takes a few minutes? Again, that’s time that could be spent in jammies. 



I admire and envy your ambition, but thankfully, I am retired and no longer worry about such things.  :slight_smile:

Is there any way you can send a macro after you start Zwift? If you hit Tab, Tab, Tab, Spacebar, it will start Zwift.

Perhaps there is a slash modifier someone much smarter than I knows about. Good luck to you. You go girl.

Are you using a Windows PC? The zwift-login script from from actually launches Zwift and presses the Ride button but would have to be changed (slightly) to allow it to run via Task Scheduler. It is not impossible to do so, though.

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