Command line options to launch straight into Zwift (not the ZwiftLauncher)?

I’m trying to launch Zwift without it confirming who I am (this screen ) ) so it doesn’t close the ZwiftApp.exe and start ZwiftLauncher.exe instead. This is so that I can integrate it with Steam.

Is there a command line option to do this or any other way?

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Hi Azim,

The Zwift Launcher is your primary means of logging in to our server - it also makes sure you are on the latest version of Zwift. We do not recommend you skip it.

Eric I’m not asking to skip the login, it already knows who I am it’s just checking if I want to login as someone else.

Anyway I figured out a couple of things, including a solution.

  1. The ZwiftLauncher stays open in the background even after you close Zwift, you have to manually kill the process. This is either a bug or terrible design (coming from someone that writes code for a living). Has this already been reported (On Windows 10 64 bit).

  2. If you instruct Steam to laucnh the launcher (and make sure no other launchers are running due to the above bug) then you get the steam integration functioning correctly, including the overlay. 

The Launcher remaining open is a real pain - if I choose not to autolaunch it, I don’t expect it to be launched for the application to work and remain active when the application is closed. Leads to frequent errors that it couldn’t connect to the internet (when the laptop hibernates, or when the WLAN that serves the paincave is switched off)

Did anyone find a fix for this?