Choose when to Start, and "I Done" does not automatically exit.

It would be nice to have more control over when a ride starts (ie starts recording data to the .fit file) and stops. For example, to put forth my best effort for the “40k Holiday Time Trial Challenge Throw Down”, I plan on warming up, hopping off my bike to start Zwift, and then starting. It would be nice to avoid the step of hopping off the bike. I have also been using Zwift to compare new sensors. I have use my bike computer to record sensors X, Y, Z and then Zwift to record X, Y, and Q. Having the start and stop time as close as possible make the comparison easier and better.

Maybe a start button on the companion App, or an option to start after X warm-up laps, or start after Y minutes and stop after Z minutes (or stop after D miles).

Thank you for your consideration.

It would be nice if “auto exit” was configurable. That way if someone wants to save and exit, they can set it that way. If someone wants to do a few laps before their friends hop on, not exiting would be good.