saving ride but not exiting program - Zwift staff update?

 Another thread to hopefully garnish some more attention or at least an officially updated answer (the last one I can find from an actual zwift employee was over a year ago, which was {paraphrased} “in the works”.

When are we going to be able to stop a ride & stay in the program??

Also, as an add-on inquiry: how about the ability to log in, do a little warm-up ride 5-10 minutes, preform a quick spin-down, THEN start my actual ride. Then when I’m finished with my actual “workout” ride, stop it (for saving workout ride data - FTP, average & max: speed/cadence/hr, etc), but then continue a warm-down ride for about 5-10 minutes or so (w/out affecting those other numbers)? 

This would be crazy nice.  During the warm-up/warm-down I could mess around with kit/equipment changes OR review stats while spinning in/out of the workout itself.