Starting a Group Ride Late - 1st Attempt Failed!

Maybe someone can help guide me here… was 2 mins late for my first group ride (‘join ride’ didn’t appear first time, so logged out and started again making me 2 mins late)… clicked 'join ride and was sent to holding area. Issue was I was kept in holding area on my own (everyone else had gone of course). How do I actually join others if late?
One observation was I was not pedalling on screen when I actually was. Switching to free ride and pedalling / movement was all fine, rejoin group ride back in to holding area and same (no pedalling).

The only thing I can come up with is that your choosen group ride didn’t allow ‘late join’. You’ll have to be on time to participate. There are certain group rides who allow ‘late join’ (most of them I think), and when lucky (when in a certain timeframe), you’ll be placed in the main group. When not so lucky, you’ll have to catch up…

I was late to a NY group ride a couple days ago also. I was sent to the holding area also (can’t remember if i could see myself pedalling)… after a little wait I got the message “finding other riders” which actually took a little while (longer than i thought it would). I finally was transported “near” the riders but since they were in a bunch and about 1.5 minutes ahead of me so there was no hope of catching them despite pushing hard. lol… made for a good workout though.
Did you ever get the message “finding other riders”?

yeah late join, will put you in the pen while it finds your group. it can take a while.
although, i was joined to a different group the other week when i was trying to join USMES, and got put with Dutch Diesels. ( i was in USMES jersey and ride, just my placement was with someone else )