Group ride, "join" didnt appear. 6PM (UK time)


(Paddy Baptiste) #1

I signed up on the website, and could see that I had was planning to join the event. Lots of others online at the time where also unable to join the ride.

Is this a bug or did we all do something wrong?

(Pieter Macquoy) #2

Same here, not working. Yesterday not being able to give ride ons during the group ride, today can’t even join a group ride…

(Pieter Macquoy) #3

I’ve had a chat with support, they were aware of the issue and it seems to be fixed now. Alas no group ride for me today due to this.

(Pieter Macquoy) #4

‘Fun’ fact though, it prevented a lot of new people from joining what might have been their first group ride, since it was the SZR Beginner Ride. Not a good way to being introduced to the platform I would think.

(Sue Mac Millan Ro4 H) #5

My husband and I had the same problem at 1 pm EST.