Started riding at altitude (flying) - then ended up on wrong route

(Mark Black) #1

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Hi, This week I has a weird start point on Watopia. The start seemed to be the normal location but I was high in the air. When my event started, I rode in a straight line (flying) to the summit of the Epic KOM before I tram-lined onto the road and descended as per normal. The event I was participating in was the Volcano Flat loop but when I rode toward the group, I was forced onto the smaller climb loop. I could see messages from the leader and group but I was in a different game.

I took screen shots of my Epic flight as can be seen on my Strava link below.

Subsequent rides have been fine.


Rider off course, no clip through buildings etc
(John Schneider) #2

Hey Mark,

Thanks for letting us know about your EPIC flight!

This is an occasional visual glitch that we’re working on fixing. If you start to encounter this on a regular basis please submit a support ticket so we can look into this further.