"start ride" button doesn't function

I have participated several times in a group ride that begins at 2:10 pm my time (EST in the US). This past Sunday, about 10-15 minutes before the ride began, I logged into my account on my Apple TV and selected the ride, but when I clicked on the orange “Start Ride” button, nothing happened. I tried unselecting the ride and starting over several times, but the result was the same. I was able to select and participate in a ride that began at 2:30 with no problem.

This is the second time I’ve had this issue in the past month. Has anybody else had this problem, and if so, is there a fix?


Are you force-quitting the app after each ride (or power-cycling the Apple TV)? That is recommended.

Instructions are in this document:

Thanks for your input, Paul.

At the end of a ride, I always go through the end ride and save process. That seems to take me back to the account log in screen. Is that what you mean?


No I mean kill the app completely, by using the force-quit functionality built into tvOS. Try that. Or just power-cycle the Apple TV. See if that helps.

Okay, I’ll try that. Thanks.