No Meetup button

I am still not getting to join an invited meet I can see the top right of the screen saying going once I click it it says join. If I click this nothing happens.
At the bottom left of my screen I dont have the 'Meetup ’ button? Any help please!

You need to be riding in one of the worlds (Watopia, London, etc.) to see the join now button. You wont see it from the menu screen.

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I have been but still no button. I have checked that I have had the update and using apple tv with latest software.?

Do you force close the app after every use? I’ve heard you need to do this on Apple TV after every ride or things don’t work right. To force close the app:

  1. Turn on Apple TV .
  2. While on the Home screen, double-click the Apple TV /Home button on the Siri Remote. …
  3. Swipe to the right on the trackpad to find the app you wish to force - close .
  4. Swipe up on the trackpad to force the app to close .