Ride ons not showing up

why do sometimes never see the the little rides stuffed into my jersey…i see them in the total count afterwards but they don;t show during an event… is there a particular startup order that determines this behavior. i’m on apple tv with latest update.


With ATV you should always force-quit the app after each use. It’s good idea to force quit the Companion app after each ride (or before you start the next), also.

I wish force quit was fool proof with the apple tv remote… but its sometimes hard to 'flick up" the zwift app and know you’ve hard quit. is there another way to force quit?

Rebooting the entire unit might also do it, but I’m not sure about that. I always force quit my apps after using them, though, so it’s pretty easy to tell if there are any apps still ‘open’ because I am just down to one screen (menu) remaining in the ‘flick up’ screen.

Thanks Nigel. Yes, shutting down everything and restarting , including the Apple TV, did the trick. So I guess since force quit is difficult for my spouse to manage, its good to know that pulling the plug works too.