Staggered start time?

I’m new to Zwift, I’ve tried to join events that have different start times for different categories, I.e. cat A start at 2:30, cat D (me) start time 2.33, I’m prompted to join the event at 2:30 Cat A. I’m sitting there like a fool waiting for the Cat D start at 2:33 that doesn’t happen, should I be starting at the cat A start time? I add myself in Cat D, my expectation is that there will be a Cat D start? What am I doing wrong?


Welcome Peter

Can you clarify, you get the notification while free riding in Zwift to join the race, you join the race, sit in the start pen and you are in Cat A not Cat D? Zwift will automatically send you to the correct pen with a bout 4 minutes to go if you do nothing (while free riding).

Which race was it (and your timezone)?

Yep that’s fundamental it, I used the companion app to add myself to the event in Cat D, I get a notification that it’s time to join whilst free riding, I join and I’m in with Cat A and the start time is the Cat A start time, this happened today in the city crit race at 4.30pm uk time but it also happened in another event a few days ago. Apart from that I’m really enjoying Zwift, challenging but enjoyable, thanks for the quick response and for your help.


Yes, it gets quite addictive. I was surprised how much I liked the racing aspect but to be fair, I can find lots of ways to stay motivated.

Right,I had a quick look at the the event details, and yes, it does have staggered starts but I can not see anything that would suggest it had special category usage (some organisers use the different cats for age groups etc which can sometimes explain weirdness like this).

I have seen the odd person mention a similar symptom but nothing to suggest thats its a common problem. Given its happened a couple of times, I would suggest you do a couple of things till this comes right:

  1. take a screen shot of your Companion App entry, and
  2. when you get to the pen, take a screen shot of that.

If the Companion App pic of the entered Cat doesnt line up with start pen Cat then it will be a clear bug. By the way I’m not suggesting its not a bug and you are doing things wrong, just that Zwift will do nothing unless they have evidence.

this is what they will want to see …

versus this …

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