Staggered Category Starts

I race the D group. A lot of winners in D are riders that are able to suck the wheel of an A, B or C racer which allows them to get a big gap on the D riders who don’t have impressive 5 minute power at the start of the race. So the wheel sucker riders with good 5 minute power usually win the race by 2 or 3 minutes.

Why can’t we have staggered starts where the D’s start first, C’s start 2 minutes after D’s, B’s start 2 minutes after C’s and A’s start 2 minutes after B’s?

good suggestion. There are currently some races that do staggered starts.

i think D should start last, so that all the other cats is out of the way.


In the new Crit City world it seems that all categories start at the same time, but you can only see (and draft) the riders in your category. I think they should just expand this to all races. I think Fondos can be left ‘as is’, but only one category on the course at a time for races.

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Yes!!! D Group should start last so that the stronger D’s can’t jump on the wheel of a higher category as they pass!

So start A’s first, B’s second, C’s third and D’s last!!! Zwift please do this!!!

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I think the official Zwift races have 1 minute between each cat start time and each cat can only see the riders in their own category so there is no influence from riders in other categories.

I’ve done one other race in Crit City organised by BRT Criterium Racing league where everyone started together and it was a mess especially when the A group started lapping people.

So, I think this an option that the race organiser can set and perhaps something Zwift could better communicate when people are signing up for an event.

Personally, I think races where everyone starts together shouldn’t have categories and should just be called open races. Like the recent Tour of London where you end up racing against people of equal ability regardless of category.


Yes! Staggered starts and isolated categories or no categories and a mass start!

totally agree, staggered starts are really welcome…
I always kill myself because my b group always wants to hang on to the a group as much as possible.
So i have to try this as well, would be more of a tactical race if i only raced my own b category.


some races have this, i think much more races should do this.
apparently it is already possible for race organisers to implement this,.

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Try ZwiftPower.

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Staggered starts are a terrible idea. Tons of people have no problem entering in the wrong category on purpose. So what if someone can get on the wheel of a faster rider? That’s bike racing. Not only are staggered starts a bad idea, the categories themselves are a bad idea for the above reason. There should be ONE category in every race. Period. Then it’s level playing field. What’s the point of winning Cat C knowing you got smoked by everyone in Cat A and B? Plus if you actually did win Cat C you should’ve been in Cat A anyway doing 4 watts/kg. The top 10 or 15 in Cat C are all cheating EVERY SINGLE RACE.

I like the idea of one category! Yes, the winners of the D category usually beats most of the A racers!

I guess the point in having categories is that you can race against people of the same(ish) level. What’s the point in trying to race against somebody who is clearly considerably better than you. It’s demoralising. Far better to have a chance of winning a race if you are competing against people of like ability.

On the odd occasion I’ve won a Cat C race so the accusation that I’m cheating is unfounded.

Much better to have the categories but a better system to stop people entering the wrong Cat.