Signed up for D cat race and got put in B cat

I’m not sure where the issue was triggered but thought I would share the process I used, given I used the new interface. Maybe there’s a repeatable glitch in the code or a gremlin attacked. I’m a system tester and I understand that kind of frustration.

  1. I used Zwift website and signed up for the coalition chase race that went off 3/18/2022 3:00pm EST, cat D.
  2. I logged into Zwift app and found the new interface was available.
  3. I clicked on the event square that said I was Going to the race.
  4. Right sidebar rolled out but it didn’t show me signed up for a race cat. One would think the D would have a check mark, but it had a +.
  5. I checked D, the last one in the list and entered the event, thinking I would land in the cue on a trainer.
  6. I was put on the course without anyone around.
  7. The Join button appeared in the lower left corner, as I have seen before the recent update so that was reassuring.
  8. I let the system put me into the cue when the time was right. I didn’t noticed that I wasn’t in the D group but I’m told the jersey I was given should have been my first clue. I didn’t know the D jersey vs B jersey. Apparently, I was in the B cue.
  9. The tiny little letter next to my name was hard to see and I didn’t make the connection that it wasn’t yellow and should have been. The D leader, via a screenshot I posted on FB, advised that I had been put in B.

So, using a new path to get into a race today seemed to send me to the wrong cue. Just thought I would let you know in case there is a repeatable bug in play.

Additional info. Someone just posted on FB “sign up to an event through zwift Home Screen once and ended up in the wrong pen.”

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Hi @Cindy_McCourt

I had a look at your log files (e.g., the ones I can pull from the cloud on my side) but I wasn’t able to determine which category you’d signed up for based on the available information. We’ll likely need the full log files from your PC, so I’d suggest that you contact our support team so we can investigate this further.

If you need help locating your log files, please see this article.

It could be a bug because I see a lot of unfamiliar category errors in the logs, but we may need to reach out to a higher technical authority on the Zwift team for more information.

You can contact us here.

The contact is a chat. How do I send the files? I asked this question and it offered me an automatic reply on how to find them.

Wait. I see the email address to I assume that is it. I will send.

Sent the files. Referenced this forum post. Not sure what else to do.

Hi @Cindy_McCourt

I checked and see where you sent the log files. Thanks for doing that.

If you go to the Zwift Contact Page, it’ll have a button that says “Start Chat”, but it doesn’t have to be a literal chat. You can go through the initial Solvvy questions real fast, and then you should have the option to send an email. Once you do that, it’ll show up on our side and will be assigned to tech support agent.

Once you’ve done that, let me know and I’ll make sure the information from our discussion here on the Forums is shared to the notes on the email conversation. This will aid our techs as they delve into this matter for you.

I see now. Just sent the email to support. I also attached the logs to make it more convenient. Overkill? Maybe? I look forward to learning what happened.

Hi @Cindy_McCourt

I checked and see where you wrote in for support. It looks like it was escalated to our Tier 2 team as per my initial expectations. You should get an email response shortly. Thanks again!