How do I access specific rides within events?

I wanted to join the ToW C ride, but whenever I try to join, I end up with the A or B ride. How do I get to the C ride?

Hi @Tony_Li1

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The best way is to use the companion app.

When using the Zwift app the buttons are very small so you click the wrong one.

I have this same problem when I try to join events from the Zwift home screen on my smartphone. My preferred way to join events is through the Zwift Events page but I generally get there through ZwiftPower since I like the filtering options we have over there. Zwift Companion is also a great way to search for and join events.

I have this exact same issue. I signed up for a Category C ride. It showed as going. I was transferred to Watopia and the start line but was put in the A category.

I am very much a beginner so was way too much for me. I did over halfway which would’ve been full distance in C category.