Creating event in ZC clubs with bespoke delayed starts

I want to create an event in Zwift Clubs which we can ride as a chase race. D cat will go off first, with a 5 minute headstart on Cs, and then 3 minutes later Bs, and finally As one further minute later. I can get them all to sign on in E category and then just count down their own departure time. I don’t think there’s a better way of doing this, is there? I toyed with asking people to sign on in different category pens, but the clubs function defaults to standard delay times between events. I’m fairly sure I can’t change this, but can anyone confirm or lead me to a better way to do this? Thanks

Creating club events with multiple cats is possible but I have not been able to get all the cats to be able to see all the other cats on the race course.

When I create multiple cats on the companion app it defaults to a 2 min difference between cats. But if I create the event on the mobile app with only 1 E cat, and then I go edit the event through the browser on zwift and add cats all the cats will be added with the same start time and you can manually adjust the times.

But all of that doesn’t seem to matter in my experience because club rides with multiple cats do not all for all cats to be seen on the race course at once. Riders will only see other riders in their cat.

Not possible, clubs is not really designed for racing although it does actually work pretty well just not for chase races.

is this a one off event you might be better to contact the events team to see if they can set something up for you or if it’s something regular the e pen idea might be better.

Ah, that’s useful, thanks both. I’ll stick to pen E then and will just have to ask people to time the start delays manually.