Club Events with multiple categories

It appears that if you set up a club event with multiple categories that there is a 2-minute offset in the start times and I don’t find a way to edit this. Also, this offset does not seem to be in exactly the same order reliably. In other words, it does not appear that group A will necessarily start either first or last. If we wanted to be able to set up a “chase-race” sort of event, it would be nice to be confident which group would start first or second and have the ability to set a custom delay between the groups. It appears that the groups will be able to see each other on the course, but I have not been able to confirm this yet.

A custom delay would be great and ideally not just whole minutes. I run a public chase race each week and 1 minute is too big a gap sometimes.

Right now I have to contact events team to update it manually.


This I guess partly answers a question I was going to raise – If I set multiple Cats for a club ride, would they all start together or not. The other part of the question would have been if all Cats riders are visible to one another?

I was intrigued by the setup of a particular group ride (not a club event) that I came across (event ID# 4230148) that has Cats, and has Same time starts, but also has Rubberbanding (per ZHacks) enabled with ability to See all Categories.

I’m interested to understand what occurs with separate Cats but with Rubberbanding. Would each Cat move at differing average speeds based on its riders’ average power outputs?

In the companion app there are less options to edit then on the website. Share the link of the event and edit it with your browser. There you can edit time, draft, fence on or off and 3 time intervals on the fence to zipp riders.

unless it’s changed i think only event organisers can use the web portal.

self created clubs editing is all done with the app.

Nope every club can do it you just need to be the owner…and use direct event link.

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