Stages SB20 Not Controllable [December 2021]

Thank you!

Thanks for the update Alan. Did two rides tonight and everything worked great.

Not working for me. ATV with Stages SB20. I’m using Bluetooth. Sits on Controllable searching even with bike paired to both power and cadence.

Still not working for me either. Apple tv with Bluetooth connection. Reinstalling the app now to see if that helps

I am still having this issue today with my Stages SB20. I waiting a long time for the controllable to recognize the bike and nothing happened. I am using macOS Catalina 10.15.7

I also tried reinstalling the app on the Mac and the issue still occurs.

@Dean_Peddle @Dustin_Martin_DIRT @Lourene_Phillips our Support team will be reaching out to you to help troubleshoot and gather more information.


Thanks @AlanZ. Got their email. Deleted and reinstalled app on ATV and it worked. Thanks for all the great work !

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My SB20 seems to be working as controllable like before even on the new zwift build. Good job guys!

Steering and Gear selection info would be good now @AlanZ :wink:

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Glad to hear that updates have worked for some people.

Sadly, I’m still having the issue with my ATV based setup using Bluetooth setup.

With some luck I can get a working configuration with all the sensors( cadence, power, controllable ) paired correctly by clearing and rescanning for the sensors. If I’m lucky after 5-10 minutes using this method I can get the right devices paired correctly but sometimes not. @AlanZ

@Thomas_Crown our Support team will be reaching out shortly to help investigate and troubleshoot with you.

I’ve had the same ”SB not controllable” -issue (iPadOS 15.2 & BT} but got it working by putting Stages Bike as Cadence (or Power) temporarily and after that Stages bike shows up in Controllable. Then changing Cadence back to the left crank arm.

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Im getting totally sick of this stupid Pairing Dance… with a revenue stream like Zwift has they can afford to put some man power behind this issue…

Everytime either myself or my fiancée ride (2 separate windows logins) we have to do the stupid pairing dance…

Zwift tries to connect up as it did the last time you rode so usually see power and cadence connect to the crank (as recommended) but as soon as its connected to the crank theres no chance the bike will show up in the controllable - so i have to go un pair the cadence - pair it to the bikes bluetooth then go back to controllable wait about 20 seconds or so then it appears so can pair to it - then go back to cadence and unpair the bike and re-pair to crank. then if im luck HRM is paired already and finally off we go - what a ball ache twice every day we ride for 2 users…

surely this should just work ???

I have Windows 11 with both Bluetooth and Ant+ dongles

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I have a stages SB20, using Windows 10 and Bluetooth and have had a heap of problems this year with pairing the bike to the PC. I used to use ant+ but switched to Bluetooth because I was getting micro dropouts. Like others have said sometimes if I wait long enough it shows up, but not always. I can see the bike in windows Bluetooth, and it shows up nearly straight away when you search for power or cadence sources. The bikes firmware is up to date. I deleted knowndevicea.cfg and just now uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled zwift. This setup worked flawlessly in 2021. What can I do zwift? Please help.

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