Stages SB20 BT Controlable Not showing Bike


Just bought a stages SB20 and I’m not getting the Bike to show up under controlable using BT. The power meter shows up under cadance and power but nothing under controlable. Funny enough the bike was showing up in tye power section but not controlable. Using Win 10 22H2.

The bike shows up fine on my iphone in the stages app and it works as controlable on my apple TV just not the PC.

Is this a know issue? Is there a fix?


Pair the power and cadence first, then open the ‘controllable” and wait for several minutes…. Then it’ll eventually show up…


Thanks for the reply BooX. I tried your suggestion and waited 5 minutes still the bike did not show up under controlable.

Stages reccommends best practice using the left power meter for power and cadance in Zwift. The issue with this when you do this the bike never shows up under Zwift controlable. This appears to be a bug in the Zwift PC software because if you pair the bike as the power source instead of the left power meter the bike will show up as a controlable option.


  1. Pair the bike as the power source
  2. Pair the bike under controlable
  3. Unpair the bike as a power source
  4. pair the left power meter as a power source
  5. pair the left power meter as a cadance source.

ZWIFT please look into and fix this issue.

Hopefully this workaround will be of help to someone else having a similar issue.

This is a well known problem unfortunately, and not just on Windows. My experience has been that when I use ANT+ everything works without “pairing tetris” as it’s known on the SB20 facebook group.

Interesting… I sold mine a month ago, don’t know if Zwift changed something in between then and the current release.

There’s some kind of “secret” bluetooth reset procedure for SB20, can’t remember exactly what to do - but it could be interesting to try that and see if it could pair the expected way instead of the workaround after a reset :thinking:


I do following (every day):

  1. Pairing bike as power source.
  2. Waiting a short time (2 - 5 secs), then Zwift autopairs bike as controlable too.
  3. Paring left cadence meter as power source.
  4. Waiting a short time (2 - 5 secs), then Zwift autopairs left cadence meter as cadence source too.

Not nice. But works…