Stages SB20 Pairing

To use the Smartbike Stages SB20 with Zwift, Stages recommends the following Bluetooth pairing:

Advanced pairing
For certain use cases, we recommend pairing the left power meter as Power Source and Cadence, then the StagesBike as Controllable. For certain versions of Zwift, this configuration may require selecting the StagesBike as Power Source, then Controllable, then going back and selecting the power meter as the Power Source. Without pairing in this order, you may not see the StagesBike listed on the Controllable pairing screen.

Unfortunately, Zwift forgets this setting with each restart (Apple TV). Can’t this be improved? Bluetooth devices should have a unique identifier, right?

I thought stages did already came back from that advice and you should connect everything directly to the bike.

That is what I do

(Ow just read stages site, above could be more responsive)

Yeah it is a bit more responsive paired directly. It’s especially noticeable when you want to supertuck ASAP.

I haven’t noticed any problem with it forgetting my preferences on macOS. When pairing it sits and waits for me to wake up the power meter even though I have previously paired it to the bike.

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Do you use the remote control to operate Zwift on your Mac?

BTW: I’m running Zwift on Apple TV with the Zwift Companion App on my iPhone.

Which remote? I use the Companion app for giving ride-ons and not much else. Using a 14" MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro CPU and typically use the keyboard & trackpad to interact with the game.