Zwift 1.17.0 - Stages SB20 - AppleTV + iPhone - Controllable: Empty

Since yesterday, my setup (i used for months) no longer works. The only thing i changed: Updated to Zwift 1.17.0…

I’m using AppleTV (Zwift 1.17.0) + iPhone (Zwift Companion App). Cranks uses brand new batteries.

After updating to Zwift 1.17.0: I’m unable to select my SB20 as Controllable. The Controllable list is empty. Regardless in which order i preselect PowerSource and Cadence. I powered off and rebooted everything. Nothing changed this behaviour.

Only iPadPro (Zwift 1.17.0) + iPhone (Zwift Companion App) works fine.

The same setup with 1.16.0 worked without any problem.

Any idea?

My SB20 pairs fine as controllable on a Mac M1 mini. Are you pairing another device as Power and Cadence?

No. The missing controllable appears only in combination AppleTV/iPhone and AppleTV/iPad. The combination iPad/iPhone works fine. Are you using iPhone or iPad with Zwift Companion?
In my list you see all paired device attempts…

iPad Air 4 runs ZC. I pair Favero Assioma pedals as power and cadence. Do you run bluetooth headphones? I have tried four different pairs and they all inhibit pairing and if I make it past pairing, they cause dropouts. My latest attempt has been using AirPod Pros. Yesterday, I couldn’t get paired. I went looking in Bluetooth and the AirPods Pros had automatically paired to the M1 when I had opened their case. I removed them from Bluetooth and paired instantly.

No i do not use any other BT device.

BTW: When you connect Zwift with a Zwift Companion App all BT connections are done by the device running the Zwift Companion App.

Your combination Mac M1 mini(Zwift)/iPad Air 4(Zwift Companion) works fine.
My combination iPadPro(Zwift)/iPhone(Zwift Companion) works fine.

The problem is only with AppleTV(Zwift)/iPhone(Zwift Companion) and AppleTV(Zwift)/iPad(Zwift Companion). It’s an AppleTV specific problem.

Other SB20 users have the same problem :

My M1 handles all the bluetooth connections. I purchased an M1 because I wasn’t satisfied with the ATV 4k. I have been using the M1 as my daily driver and shuttling it to my pain cave when riding. Probably going to purchase one of the upcoming M1x mini and use whichever is better for running Zwift.

I am not a FB member so I know I miss a lot on the SB20 user group. I realize I can use it in read only mode.