Stages (new mk2 version) dropping out regularly on Zwift

Exactly the same issues as previously discussed by others. My ANT+ dongle within 3ft of crank but still drops out. Have reported to Zwift but no response as yet.

Will try solutions posted and report back tomorrow.

It is a complete pain though !

Keith I’m getting the same with my Stages, I even placed my Alien Alpha with dongle under my bike to see if that made a difference for one ride. It did but I still had three drop outs in an hour ride. Funny that my Garmin is solid  - not sure if this is a software or a hardware issue.

I’ve sussed it - as per some previous comments, it’s to do with how far your ANT+ dongle is from the Stages crank…it needs to be within 90cm max and closer if you can get it. the ANT signal must be very low power (I suppose it’s only designed to reach handlebars). Now I’ve put the ANT| dongle on an extension cable right below the crank, it’s working fine.

Did the same as Keith this morning with a USB extension and I didn’t get any drop out from the Stages 

Have had the same problem in the past couple weeks, a problem I had years ago on TrainerRoad but havent had on zwift until the last week or two, with my v1 Sram Rival Stages. Same exact scenario - I have the USB ANT+ on extension USB cable so its less than a foot from the PM. Usually happens when the wattage goes up a bit, just 2-5 seconds of zero watts and cadence despite pedalling, then it returns.

Dropouts happens with me, too. Though, my crank is about 6 feet from the dongle. I need a longer extension… Stages, new v2.